Here, we'll walk you through the easy steps to purchase Boomerang (BMR) coins, whether you're a first-timer or a seasoned investor.

🙋‍♀️ How to buy?

Buying is easy via the website:

  • Go to boomerangcoin.com and connect your wallet. We support over 50 wallets thanks to WalletConnect

  • Select a coin and the amount of which you would like to use to purchase BMR

  • Review the Safety Net parameters (when you are interested in understanding the mechanism).

  • Click on buy, sign the transactions and await network confirmation

  • Review your wallet balance

  • Review your created Safety Net on the sell widget

When you purchase coins via Sushi Swap.com itself, you won't receive a Safety Net. This because of technical limitations.

‍🦄 Safety Net fee

Please be aware that at the moment of buying a Safety Net fee of 5% is applied. The rate may vary depending on market dynamics.

🍣 Buy via a DEX - like SushiSwap

You can also buy Boomerang coins through a DEX (Decentralized Exchange) like SushiSwap, the way you usually buy other coins. Just remember, if you do this, you'll get only Boomerang coins without the Safety Net.

🧰 Transferring

You can send your Boomerang coins to any other wallet, just like you would with other cryptocurrencies. But there's one important thing to remember: if you move your coins, any Safety Net linked to them will be expired. This means the protected ends. This is due to some technical limits we have. Don't worry, though – no coins will be lost. You can still sell them either through our website or directly on Sushi Swap.

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