The Bank is an essential part of Boomerang's financial structure. Its role is to collect funds from Safety Nets that are no longer active and use these funds to support the Boomerang economy. This process of reinvesting funds is carefully planned to maximize benefits for token holders, both now and in the future.

🔥 Buyback-and-Burn Mechanism

Buyback-and-burn is a popular approach in the crypto world. Here, the Bank buys Boomerang coins on Sushi Swap and then 'burns' them. Burning means sending the coins to a dead wallet where they can't be used again, effectively reducing the number of coins available. This reduction, or deflation, usually leads to an increase in the price of Boomerang. Each buyback-and-burn action creates immediate buy pressure, which you can see as a price increase on Sushi Swap.

👨‍💻 Ongoing Development

The continuous improvement of the platform is a key focus for the team. Constant development is vital to bring the roadmap to life and make Boomerang better and stronger. Improving the platform not only makes it more efficient but also adds value to the tokens, benefiting everyone who holds them.

🌄 Marketing Strategy

Marketing is crucial for bringing in new token holders who are excited to join the Boomerang community. An effective and far-reaching marketing campaign leads to more sales. By expanding our reach, we aim to attract a diverse group of token holders and build a vibrant and active Boomerang community.

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